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Monday, December 31, 2018

New Dogs Available!

Duke, 2 years
Duke is a very fun and loving, 2 year old Lab/Hound mix that is recovering from body-wide inflammation, likely caused by a food allergy.  He is on a grain-free diet right now and is responding well, but you can still see the sores on his nose and ears.  These should go away in a month or so.  Despite his discomfort, Duke has been a model pup at the shelter and seems to love everyone! 

Hazel, 10 months

Hazel is a gorgeous fawn-colored, 10 month old, American Pit Bull Terrier that is very friendly and loving.  She is house-trained, likes to play with tennis balls (both as a fetching toy and chew toy), and gets along well with other dogs.  She is quite calm and quiet as well, and knows her basic commands.  A real charmer.

Roxi (f) and Rider (m) are 5 month old German Shepherd pups.  Rider's ears have not yet lifted, and he may have another mix in him as his fur is a little longer than his sister's.  Roxi is a little more outgoing than her brother and looks more like a purebred Shepherd.  Both are very sweet dogs! 
Roxi (f), 5 months
Rider (m), 5 months

Sunday, December 9, 2018


Love Bug - Adopted in Redmond, OR
Cinnamon and Baby Girl, Transferred to Herd-U-Need-A-Home, OR
Chloe - Adopted in Redmond, OR

Toby - Adopted in Redmond, OR

Sheba - Adopted in Redmond, OR

Shaggy - Adopted in Alturas

Lady Jane - Transferred to Bend, OR

Dizzy - Adopted in Alturas