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OUR GOAL IS TO SAVE ALL ADOPTABLE CATS AND DOGS FROM EUTHANASIA IN MODOC COUNTY, REGARDLESS OF AGE OR BREED.  That is job #1 with us. We are here in this County to help the community re-home cats and dogs, and to pull all the adoptable dogs from the City and County Shelters.  The animals we take in are either adopted out by us (after being spayed or neutered) or transferred to other No Kill facilities or rescues.

WHAT IT MEANS TO BE "NO KILL".  HPHS is a "No Kill" facility.  That is, we DO NOT euthanize animals as a means of population control or to make room for other animals (as so many public shelters are forced to do for various reasons).  Instead we only euthanize animals who are suffering and cannot be cured, or who have behavioral issues that make them un-adoptable (like being human or dog aggressive) that cannot be correct with training.  

BECAUSE WE ARE "NO KILL", MODOC COUNTY IS "NO KILL".  That is something we can all be proud of!  We are the only organization in Modoc County that is set up specifically to help our local shelters.  Without our help, all the animals that remain unclaimed in our City and County shelters would be euthanized because neither the City nor the County has the staff to run an adoption center.  In fact, they don't take in cats at all, only dogs.  When they are called to pick up a dog, they put them in a kennel to keep them safe and secure to give owners a chance to find them, they feed them and clean up after them for 5 days.  That is it.  They have no staff to exercise or train the dog.  When five days are up, they call us.  If we can't take the dog, it is euthanized.  

ADOPTION TAKES TIME, MONEY AND THE PROPER FACILITIES.  Make no mistake, this is not a criticism of our local shelters.  We believe they are doing the best they can with what they have.  Adoption programs take time, money, dedicated staff, and the proper facilities.   It is not a matter of pointing interested adopters at a kennel and taking their money.  All animals must be spayed or neutered, per State Law.  In addition to this, HPHS tracks every animal's medical and behavioral history, takes them to and from the vet, pays for all medical treatment, takes photos of them, writes bios and then advertises them all over. We also train them, take them to adoption events, socialize and exercise them, interview interested adopters, confirm potential adopters have the right home environment and facilities for them, and, of course, feed and clean up after them until they are in their new home.

The average adult dog or cat stays with us for 30 days, kittens and puppies are often with us much longer.  Neither the City nor the County can dedicate that much time for each and every animal they take into their facility.  It takes volunteers!  However, even volunteers need resources.  We need money for gasoline to transport the animals, kennels and crates to keep them contained, wood pellets and electricity to heat and light our kennel areas, dog and cat food, cat litter, leashes and collars, toys and cat scratching trees, and disinfectant, not to mention paying for mundane things like insurance, trash collection and the mortgage on the Thrift Store building where all our cats are housed.

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO "SAVE THEM ALL"?  It takes YOU.  Our #1 need right now are people who are willing to host a Foster Dog on a regular basis, or care for our cats in a home environment.   Two types of Foster Homes are needed:
  • FOSTER FAMILY.    A Foster Family makes a commitment to take care of at least one dog or cat per year, taking them into their home and treating them like family until they can be adopted into their forever home, or until 30 days are up (whichever comes first).  HPHS provides an indoor crate, bedding, indoor "puppy" gates (to protect off-limit indoor areas), as well as food, food dishes, and leashes as needed.   We can also board the Foster Dog during its scheduled stay if the Foster Family needs to be out of town for a short period.  
  • DOG KENNEL HOST FAMILY.     In addition to everything provided to the Foster Family, "Kennel Host Families" are also issued an outdoor dog kennel that is a minimum of 10'x10' in size (and six feet high).  The kennel is outfitted with a cover, and stall mats to help keep it sanitary and easy to clean. To make the investment in a kennel set-up worthwhile for HPHS, Kennel Host Families must make a commitment to take up to 4 dogs per year until they are adopted or until 30 days are up (whichever comes first).  Again, HPHS would be willing to board the Foster Dog during its scheduled stay if the Kennel Host Family needs to be out of town for a short period. 
CAN'T FOSTER?  Then help keep us in the business saving Modoc pets by using the DONATE button to make a monetary contribution. We will put your donation to good use!

Thank you for your help and interest in making sure Modoc's Pets are well cared for!