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 The High Plateau Humane Society offers the following services to Low Income Households with pets:

1.  LOW COST SPAY/NEUTER and IMMUNIZATION CERTIFICATES.  If your family qualifies as Low to Very Low Income per HUD's income standards, you are eligible to purchase veterinary vouchers for low cost spay and neuter services, and immunizations, for your cats and dogs.  These vouchers are accepted by the Modoc Veterinary Center for full payment as long as extra procedures are not requested. 

2.  EMERGENCY MEDICAL.  Low to very low income families are also eligible for assistance with emergency procedures for their cats and dogs.  We ask that you make arrangements to pay the High Plateau Humane Society back for this assistance in monthly installments if you can, so funds can be made available to a larger group of people.   

Due to the high cost and low success rate for recovery, we regret that Parvo Treatment for dogs is not eligible for financial assistance.  Instead, we encourage you to start your puppy on its vaccinations at the vet when it is 6 weeks old using our low cost immunization certificates.  We do not recommend home inoculations as these have often proven ineffective for a variety of reasons.

 3.  DOG AND CAT FOOD.  Free dog and cat food is available to low and very low income families that occasionally  find  themselves short of funds for animal food. 

4.  PET REHOMING ASSISTANCE.  The High Plateau Humane Society will help you rehome your cats and/or dogs if needed.  There is no fee for this service.  Just contact us if you need assistance.