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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Humane Society Starts GoFundMe Campaign to Build Pup Huts!

Can't foster dogs yourself but want to find some way to help?  Check out our GoFundMe campaign and spread the word!.


 THIS CAMPAIGN IS DEDICATE TO THE MEMORY OF FOSTER DAD WAYNE PIERCE (shown in the above photo with foster dog Elsa).  Wayne dedicated many years to fostering dogs for the High Plateau Humane Society and turned his property into a wonderful summer facility for our dogs.  May you rest in peace Wayne, knowing we are doing everything we can to help all the dogs you loved.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Tex Lands the Best Home Ever!!

I gave everyone a very fair chance to snatch this guy up. I advertised him in the paper, on the Internet, and on Facebook.  I pleaded and prodded everywhere I knew because Tex is wonderful, and I could not believe that he didn't have an avalanche of adopters seeking his affection.

While I was doing that, Tex had other things in mind, and kept showing me what a good boy he was.  He played nicely with all the other fosters, teaching the youngest ones some manners, and then wrestling and playing tug of war with them as a reward.  He proved he was house trained, crate trained, could walk politely on lead, could ignore cats and chickens, knew his basic commands, took treats politely, loved to play with kids, road perfectly when he was loose inside the car, and he treated my old 14 year old Australian Cattle Dog, Shawn,  with deference and respect.  In fact Shawn actually likes him a lot, and he is very hard to please!  

Tex has been so good in fact, that I have been letting him into the house over the past week to watch TV with us in the evenings until bed-time.   I found him a joy to have around.  Then, last night he sealed his fate (and mine) by jumping into my chair and sleeping sprawled across my lap while we watched TV.  I realized then that he was not going anywhere.   This was MY new boy!  Sorry world, you missed out on a really good one!  


Sunday, August 5, 2018

Lucy and Rosie Transferred to Lucky Paws!

These two lovely ladies are heading up to Eugene, Oregon, this week to seek their fortunate families!  Lucy has been with us for over two months now, and we simply can't let her waste her youth in rescue, so we have made arrangements for her to go to Lucky Paws recscue, where she is sure to find her forever home very quickly.

Rosie will also join her buddy in the big city, and looks forward to making new friends while she awaits her spay date and her calendar fills up with family interviews.

We hate to see these two cuties leave Modoc, but because we have such a small population here, we often have to send our pups to towns with more people, or have those people come to us.  No worries, this is all good news for these girls as they will be in a foster home with other playful dogs and loving families until their final home is found.