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The High Plateau Humane Society is Modoc County's Emergency Response Team for pets in a disaster. That means, we will be the people you see if you live in an area designated for evacuation in Modoc County. However, we are an all volunteer organization, and we can only help others with the help of others. Here is our current capacity to assist in a disaster:

FIRST RESPONDERS: These are the folks that drive out to the designated temporary shelter site, set up temporary animal containment (to make do until the animals can be moved to safer ground), and tag and care for the animals that are brought in.

WE HAVE: All the crates, dishes, leashes, halters and small equipment needed.

8 more volunteers
One 16' enclosed cargo trailer to store and carry all the needed equipment. It must be in excellent condition as we can't have it break down in an emergency.

TRANSPORTERS: These are the folks that arrange for the transport of, or haul animals away from, disaster areas. HPHS can provide crates to contain animals during transport, but the trucks, trailers and vans needed to haul animals must be provided by the Transporters.

1 Livestock Transporter
2 Pet Transporters

2 People to call and coordinate between transporters and the shelter areas
20 Livestock Transporters
20 Pet Transporters

SHELTER LOCATIONS: These are the safe-havens for animals that need shelter or containment during a disaster. Animals may need to be housed here just a few days or up to two weeks.

WE HAVE (by Area):

California Pines Lake Units
- containment for up to 2 horses/donkeys

California Pines Hill Units
- containment for up to 4 horses/donkeys
- shelter for up to 7 canines

Livestock containment areas and pet shelter locations in the ALL Modoc communities: