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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Modoc Dogs Rehomed in February 2024

It is the end of February, and typically we would have taken in no more than 20 dogs by this time.  However, we have actually taken in 29!  We have managed to transfer out or confirm new homes for all but two dogs to date (Ebony and Drake), but one of those (Drake) is on a sleepover so keep your fingers crossed for him!  In addition, all of the dogs we transferred out to other rescues found homes within a week or two of transfer. So, it has been a very successful beginning of 2024.  Thank you to all the people who donated their time and funds to making sure this could happen.  You are awesome, and we could not do it without your help.  We are still caring for four soon-to-be adopted dogs (Sam, Fox, Susie and Annie) as we wait for the weather to clear so they can be transported to their new home, but here are the smiling faces of the lucky ones this month who have already moved on to homes all their own.










Gus with new mom

Tina and Taffy